Maggie Giele, Business & Marketing Strategy

I first came across Illiah a couple years ago, and I was so impressed with her own visual design. I was definitely nervous about hiring a brand designer, so we started with a small project: my business cards. I still use the same design two years later. Every time I give someone my business card, I get a compliment... every single time without fail.

One of the big goals for my rebrand was this elevation. I knew that I'm good at my business, I was getting clients, it was all great. But I felt that my visuals didn't live up to the quality of service I provide. I needed a designer to come in and help me take all these branding elements I had and bring them together in a cohesive, elevated way.


I get a lot more compliments on my brand. I also feel I've become a lot more memorable visually as well, because Illiah's branding work has been extended to my website and my sales pages, and my social media and everything. So it's not just Oh, she came up with a new color palette.

It's something that set the foundation for the rest of my business. So all together, it really just took all a step up.

Illiah's really good at what she does, she's got such an attention to detail, and really, really works hard on understanding her customers and clients. I've recommended illiah probably a million times by now. I'm just so happy – you are in good hands. You are in good hands working with illiah.

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Business cards designed for Maggie Giele, Business & Marketing Strategist, by C&V