Bold and daring.
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As a creative business owner, you deserve a visual brand that both sells and sparkles. A brand that translates your voice and infuses your personality ... that creates an intimate connection and authentically tells your story … that showcases your gifts and talents, and moves your business forward. That’s the kind of visual brand I wholeheartedly believe in creating. I’m Illiah, a brand designer and mompreneur who helps daring business owners, like you, craft brands that open doors. Ready to unlock your brand’s potential? >>

Alison Jefferies, J'dorn Designs // A happy C&V Creative client

When we started working together, I just thought I needed a new logo. But I've come out on the other side of my rebrand collaboration with Illiah of C&V with a clearer vision of where J’Adorn Designs is headed and where I want to take it, plus the confidence to take the steps to get there. The visual brand Illiah created for me is so strong and polished, like what I want my work to be. It's given me a space to grow into as an artist instead of just being a banner over top of what I'm already doing. My new brand has opened a new chapter for me as a jeweler that I don't think I could have imagined if I hadn’t worked with C&V.

 Alison Jefferies
Owner and Designer, J'Adorn Designs

After months of keeping an eye out for a designer that could potentially match my vision for a rebrand - I knew Illiah from C&V was the one! Her ability to incorporate a lot of color was what drew me to her initially. Once we started working together - I felt confident that together we would create the perfect new Oh Yes. Illiah is an incredibly talented artist and designer, she is quick to listen and encourage, but also not afraid to step in when design is compromised. It was a total collaboration from beginning to end and we both walked away with a total sense of pride in the final product. Best of all - I found a genuine friendship in the process! She continues to be a cheerleader for Oh Yes and I cannot wait to continue finding ways for our worlds to collide.

Kathy Dixon
Founder & Creative Director, Oh Yes Communications

Kathy Dixon, Oh Yes Communications // C&V Creative's Happy Clients
Trena Little

I decided to work with Illiah by recommendation from a friend. After speaking with Illiah and seeing some of her work I knew I had to hire her. She has gone above and beyond when it comes to my YouTube branding and more. My YouTube videos have tripled the amount of times they get clicked since using her graphics, and every time she sends me a new graphic, I'm constantly amazed by her talent! I've tried for three years to create graphics, and in one week, she's taken my brand further than I could have ever imagined. There is no price I could put on what Illiah has done for my brand.

 Trena Little
YouTube Strategist