You: A small (and mighty) business owner who needs visuals that do your values + vision justice. Muddled design isn’t going to cut it any more! With even more opportunities on your horizon, you need a brand that brings both credibility + clients. A brand that will grow with you to the next level (and beyond).

Me: The creative + strategic partner to build a brand worthy of showing off your business in the most irresistible way. Expect beautifully consistent + cohesive visuals and lightning fast turnarounds, whether you work with me on Your Revolutionary Rebrand or on a Creative Director on Demand retainer. 

Maggie Giele, Paris 2022

Illiah just blew my mind with how she's gone about taking all these branding elements I had to bring them together in a cohesive, elevated way. From my custom icons to extending my color palette with more fun colors to all the details and PDFs, we’ve lifted up this level of playfulness with my brand.

I've become a lot more memorable visually, because illiah's branding work has been extended to my website and my sales pages, and my social media and everything. It's set the foundation for the rest of my business.  Illiah is really amazing at what she does. We're a year and a half into our working relationship, and now, with the first draft of anything she sends me, I'm like, cool, got it. Perfect. Let's get it out there!

Illiah's really good at what she does, she's got such an attention to detail, and really, really works hard on understanding her customers and clients.

 Maggie Giele
Business & Marketing Strategist

Tocar Spa has been a client since 2012, and C&V Creative has been an integral part of the creative process from the beginning.

Illiah really takes time to understand my business, my vision,
and she helps bring it to life. She asks thought provoking questions and challenges me to find creative solutions to grow my business.

I can't think of a person that's been more integral to the success of my business than Illiah. She's the only graphic designer I've ever worked with, who I want to work with.  Everything I've thrown at her, she's put together times two! 

Literally, everything from the brand she's had her hand on. Just the creative mind at work, the collateral material, the messaging, all of it! From our business cards to the rebrand, creative direction and on-the-go thinking, there's no other person that I would even trust at this point to do the work.

If you have the pleasure or opportunity to work with her, DO IT.

Stephen Conti
Owner, Tocar Spa

Justina, Owner and Product Innovator of Lash MIA

When we started working with C&V, we didn’t know how much our brand was missing a “brand” until C&V dove in and turned our little company into one of the most notable lash brands in Florida.

C&V has changed my business in so many ways. I don't even have the time to say what I need – She always takes it to that next level. Her attention to detail, intuitive understanding of our needs, and vision is priceless... She see what we cannot, creatively and from a business perspective.

I want to put my cards everywhere! She knows that I love all these little details,, but I'm not a detail person.

If you're a small business, like me, and you need a creative director, but you don't have time to dedicate (or you don't have the resources for someone in-house), this Creative Director on Demand program will change your life.


Salon Owner // Product Innovator, Lash MIA

Your brand is your opportunity to shape the perception of your business. Do it right and more revenue, respect + recognition is yours for the taking...