I’m Illiah – Owner, Creative Director, Brand Designer. My passion is collaborating with women CEO's to craft brands that help them attract dream clients, charge premium rates, and get hand-picked for perfect opportunities. Together, we create brands that are timeless; Personality is at the core of what we build.

Design Opens Doors.

What opportunities are waiting for you?

Design opens doors and unlocks opportunities.
The rebrand design process shows you how the world values your work, talents and strengths in ways that invigorate you.

Your voice matters.
There was a time when I thought my voice wasn't relevant or important. Now I work to let people know that their voice matters, too.

Let’s refine your brand - together.
Rebrand design is my passion and specialty. I invite you along on the journey as co-pilot.

Choose your rebrand experience.
With Brand in Tandem, we’ll save a ton of time emailing back and forth, giving you a better visual brand FAST. You won’t have to suffer decision fatigue because you’ll be making the decisions alongside me – in person. The best part?  Knowing that your vision is trusted to a design pro who knows you and values your opinion!

Brand in Tandem isn’t for everyone. You prefer email, monthly meetings and collaborating over a longer period of time. I get it. Let's work the traditional way. You’ll still co-pilot the process, but from the comfort of your home office.

And just in case you’re not entirely sure what this process looks like, here are the key milestones:

1. Strategy + Vision
Familiarize me with your existing brand and we’ll brainstorm together to create a shared vision and mood board.

2. Co-pilot your brand
See inside my designer's brain with pencil sketches and collaborate on every step of your brand development.

3. Pattern exploration
Inspired by your logo and creative vision, a custom pattern (or three) will be developed.

4. Collateral design
This is where the designs become tangible and your visual system falls into place.

5. File delivery
Logo files, social media graphics + style guide - Your full brand, neatly packaged and ready to launch.

Bold and daring. Just like you.

3 fun facts about me:

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I recently learned I'm an INFJ AND an INFP, often combining imagination and creativity with a strong sense of compassion

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C&V is named for my muses, Colette and Vivienne

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My lipstick collection rivals the Bite lipstick display at Sephora

Photo by © Photography by Kamice 2018