Your brand is your opportunity to shape the perception of your business. Do it right and more revenue, respect + recognition is yours for the taking...

Your brand is so much more than a pretty design (and it doesn’t begin OR end with your logo.)

When done right, your brand helps you put your best high-heeled foot forward to build respect, recognition, and opportunities for growth that are just around the corner.

You’re here to make a rippling impact. 

You have a burning-inside-you message to share and your dream clients are waiting to hear it. A well-designed brand identity lets your voice shine through your visuals so you can reach those dream clients, charge premium rates, and be hand picked for perfect opportunities.

I’m here to help you design a brand that opens doors.

I’m Illiah (ill•e•ahh), a brand designer helping visionary business owners, like you, create more income and impact with brand identities that amplifies your message and elevates your business. 

For six years, I’ve closely collaborated with entrepreneurs from Baltimore to Amsterdam to create scroll-stopping social media graphics, drool-worthy workbooks, and can’t-look-away webinar slide decks. Before that, and after getting my Graphic Design degree, I spent seven years in ad agencies designing everything from logos and icons to pens, mugs, and vehicle wraps (yes, really.) Which means I know a thing or two about creating a consistent brand across ANY medium.  There’s only one thing I won’t design: websites. When we chat, ask me why! 😝😎

Whether you know that your current visuals are holding you back from growth and are ready for a rebrand, or you need on-going support to create an elevated, cohesive brand across your growing platform, I can’t wait to help you build a brand that opens doors and gets your message heard by the right people.

Ready for a brand that opens doors?

Myers Briggs:

Fascination Advantage:

This means I combine creativity, compassion, and an obsession with details to design brands that drive business results.

C&V is named for my muses, Coco and Vivi.

Everything I do is to teach my daughters how to intentionally show up as capable and powerful women. I want that for them, for you, and for the woman you serve.

My bucket list:

Glamping in a national park with the muses.

Travel: Japan, Amsterdam + London to name a few!

Impact the professional design community through retreats, programs, and apprenticeships to cultivate business skills and elevate professional standards.

Photo by © Photography by Kamice 2018