Your brand is your opportunity to shape the perception of your business.

It’s so much more than pretty design (and it doesn’t end OR begin with your logo.)

You’re here to make an impact. You have an important message to share and your dream clients are waiting to hear it. A well-designed brand identity lets your voice shine through so you can reach those dream clients, charge premium rates, and unlock perfect opportunities for business growth.

I’m here to help you design a brand that opens doors.

I’m Illiah, a brand designer helping driven entrepreneurs like you create more income and impact with a brand identity that amplifies your message and elevates your business to the next level

With a degree in Graphic Design and a background working in ad agencies, I’ve designed everything from logos and icons to pens, mugs, and vehicle wraps (yes, really.) Which means I know a thing or two about creating a consistent brand across ANY medium.  Whether you’re unhappy with your current visuals and are ready for a rebrand, or you need ongoing support to create a cohesive brand across your growing platform, I can’t wait to help you build a brand that opens doors and unlocks opportunities

Ready to get started?

1. Strategy + Vision
Familiarize me with your existing brand and we’ll brainstorm together to create a shared vision and mood board.

2. Co-pilot your brand
See inside my designer's brain with pencil sketches and collaborate on every step of your brand development.

3. Pattern exploration
Inspired by your logo and creative vision, a custom pattern (or three) will be developed.

4. Collateral design
This is where the designs become tangible and your visual system falls into place.

5. File delivery
Logo files, social media graphics + style guide - Your full brand, neatly packaged and ready to launch.

3 fun facts about me:

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My Fascination Advantage is:

This means I combine creativity, compassion, and an obsession with details to build brand identities that drive business results.

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C&V is named for my muses:
Coco and Vivi

My goal is to set an example for my daughters of what it looks like to intentionally show up as capable and powerful women. I want that for them, for you, and for the women you serve.

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My bucket list includes: Glamping in a national park with the muses.

Impacting the professional design community through retreats, programs, and apprenticeships to cultivate business skills and elevate professional standards.

Photo by © Photography by Kamice 2018