Do you feel like you need to rebrand?

I know the feeling – you might feel bored with your logo. Nothing seems to match.  You want your brand to reflect your services and/or products and the people you love to work with. Maybe you DIY’ed your logo the first time, and you’ve been creating graphics along the way as you’ve needed to. You didn’t have enough experience in your business back then to know who, what, where or how. And now that you have a moment to work on your business, you’re realizing that:

  1. You’ve outgrown your brand
  2. Your branding doesn’t reflect who you are
  3. You want an intentional process with a pro designer as a quality check
  4. Your brand isn’t attracting the “right” clients/customers
  5. Your current brand is restricting what you want to do
  6. You’ve grown as a person, why wouldn’t your brand?
  7. Your brand is more than just a logo. You want your messaging, photographs and graphics to
    align and work together to create a consistent and recognizable presence

You are ready!

You’ve grown up and grown past your current brand. And, you want a partner who gives you an objective view to guide you through all the steps, while allowing you to co-pilot through a noticeably intentional process. You are super excited for a cohesive vision that attracts the people you loooooooove to work with.

Here’s a free link to consultation just for you!

And just in case you’re wondering, you should not consider a rebrand because:

  1. Everyone else is doing it.
  2. It’ll make you more money.
  3. You hate your website.
  4. You feel bored – or do you feel boring?
  5. You feel like you should.

p.s. I’m also in the middle of rebranding, and I feel your pain (you can see our new logo here). If you want to chat about all the headaches, I’m ready when you are!

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