Stephen of @tocarspa found me through a colleague way back in 2012, when both of our businesses were just beginning. Honestly, this is the kind of long term, creative partnership I seek with my signature retainer service, Creative Director on Demand.

Stephen loves outsourcing all his design needs, from branding to promotions to the forms he uses daily, to a devoted and friendly expert (me!) who knows his business inside out. One who translates his ideas into ultra-polished assets that his ideal clients go crazy for (and elevates his visibility on every platform x10). Oh, and on a super fast turnaround… Like that time when he needed TEN 30”x36” professionally printed presentation posters within 4 days for a grant competition – he won.
Stephen, owner of Tocar Spa, stands with the first of his ten presentation boards, designed by C&V
This is where I come in. I believe that powerful design is powerful communication and has the capability to open doors and create opportunities – like ideal clients, speaking requests, and incredible PR.

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