Melissa Collazo, trailblazing makeup artistMelissa Collazo, the ultimate trailblazing makeup artist who’s shaking up the beauty game! She’s all about empowering women and igniting soulful transformations. Let’s dive into her epic revolutionary rebrand, where she’s taking her visual brand, including her tagline and color palette, to the next level.

Melissa firmly believes that beauty standards are meant to be defined by each individual. She’s not just about the surface-level stuff; she’s here to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Together, you’ll peel back those layers of limiting beliefs and insecurities, embracing the extraordinary person you truly are. Melissa’s all about revealing your incredible potential and accepting yourself unconditionally.

Inspired by the Greek word for “honey bee,” Melissa symbolizes honesty, authenticity, trust, and community. Combining the bee with a rose, she captures the transformative power of beauty. She’s a force to be reckoned with, empowering female entrepreneurs to redefine beauty on their own terms.

Strategic color selection for a palette that speaks to your core valuesNow, onto colors! Melissa had a vision in mind: Black + Red. And guess what? We drew inspiration from the iconic Schitt’s Creek and its Rose Apothecary branding. This striking color palette exudes bold strength and authenticity. We balanced it out with plenty of White for that clean, polished look. Each color represents one of Melissa’s core values: Confidence (Black), Courage (Brick Red), and Authenticity (Amber).

rebranded font library for Melissa CollazoMelissa’s brand calls for fonts that are strong, empowered, and feminine. First up, IvyOra, a classic and elegant typeface that draws inspiration from a Dutch font and the iconic Caslon. Then, we have BC Sans, paying homage to the fonts used in Schitt’s Creek’s Rose Apothecary. Finally, Ginger adds those unique details to Melissa’s logo, giving it that extra oomph.

patterns are visual shorthand, fueling loyalty and love.Let’s not forget about the patterns! Inspired by the symbolic meaning of bees and hexagons, Melissa’s brand pattern is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a visual representation of her story and personality. This pattern can be scaled, repeated, and modified to fit any design context–Think backgrounds, textures, or decorative elements. It’s versatile and adds that touch of consistency across all platforms. Brace yourself for a library of patterns that become a visual shorthand for Melissa’s brand, instantly recognizable and fueling loyalty and love.

customized postcard stationery to mail heartfelt messages to clients.

And when it comes to collateral, Melissa threw out the traditional business card and opted for customized postcard stationery. How awesome is that? She can now jot down heartfelt messages for her clients. And let’s not forget that fancy gold foil texture, matching her powerful tagline: Beauty is yours to define. Get ready to embrace your power, rewrite the rules, and embark on a soulful transformation that will forever change your perception of beauty and success. It’s going to be epic, my friends!

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So grab your shades, sip that lemonade, and embrace the beautiful summer season with me.

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