It’s been a highlight to join forces with our Brand Strategist and design this new brand identity with @moreyougroworg! Sarahbeth and I began working together earlier this year to provide all of C&V’s Revolutionary Rebrand clients a deeper dive with high-level brand strategy to elevate their brands.

Brand strategy is an essential component of brand identity design because it lays the foundation for the visual creative process. A well-crafted brand strategy ensures that the brand messaging and voice are consistent, compelling, and resonant with the target audience. This informs a strong brand identity that connects with customers and establishes a unique position in the market.

With this clear direction and understanding of the brand’s values, mission, and ideal clients, I’m able to align visual elements, such as typography, color palette, and imagery, with the brand’s values to create a cohesive and consistent visual representation of the brand that accurately reflects its essence.

Sarahbeth’s expertise as a certified brand strategist is essential. She helps clients identify their brand’s unique characteristics and develop a compelling message that resonates with their target audience. This, in turn, informs the visual creative process and helps create a cohesive and resonant brand identity.

And then, we joined forces to create fresh and exciting new brand for The More You Grow®, Sarahbeth’s business. I’ve been absolutely loving the creative energy we share, so naturally, this logo has a lot of fun with custom typography to suggest the out of the box solutions that grow your business. She wanted to depart from any previous branding, we agreed to draw inspiration from her love of earth elements: air, earth, fire, wind. The jewel toned color palette is directly inspired by her existing paddle boarding photos!

Go from irresistible to ICONIC with a head-turning, scroll-stopping, all-eyes-on-you visual rebrand that has perfect-fit clients + timeless visibility opportunities falling at your feet with Your Revolutionary Rebrand. Schedule a free consultation where I can give you relevant tips for your brand!

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