I’m so excited to finally share this rebrand with you! It’s one of my favorite designs for one of my favorite people: Alison Jefferies, custom jeweler extraordinaire of J’Adorn Designs and leader of our Catonsville Tuesday’s Together.  Thank you for celebrating the launch of J’Adorn Designs’ new brand identity with us!


During our creative strategy meeting, Alison shared that she wanted her visual brand identity to be flexible and versatile to allow her style and skills take center stage. She answered all of my usual strategy questions with vulnerable transparency. She thoughtfully reflected as I asked why to every answer. Most of all, Alison wants her clients to feel from the very beginning that her jewelry celebrates life’s biggest moments, and the little ones in between.

As a creative, Ali was involved in the design process every step of the way; I think she may have sketched just as much as I did! I love and embrace collaboration, so I was very happy to have her as co-pilot the design process. Here’s a fun fact: the new J’Adorn Designs logo is directly inspired by a sketch of the very first engagement ring Ali designed and crafted by hand.

Ultimately, this rebrand is reflective of the jewelry Ali lovingly designs, especially as she grows and learns new skills as a fine jeweler. I think this brand is a major success for both of us!


spotlight on J'Adorn Designs' colorful new brand - old logo // illiah manger of c&v creativeElements Alison loved:

  • Feminine
  • Sense of movement in the floral illustration
  • Handcrafted feeling

Elements to change:

  • No visual representation of what J’Adorn Designs actually does
  • Reflected the “crafty” and younger aesthetic of earlier work , but not the more refined style and strong craftsmanship of products developed over the past 5 years in business
  • No vector files – the original files were lost in a hard drive crash at the logo designer’s studio
  • No alternate layouts for the logo (need square, cover photo size, etc. to represent the brand well across all platforms)

 Alison’s reaction on her new brand identity:

“When we started working together, I just thought I needed a new logo. But I’ve come out on the other side of our rebrand collaboration with a clearer vision of where my business is headed and where I want to take it, plus the confidence to take the steps to get there. The visual brand you created for me is so strong and polished, like what I want my work to be. It’s given me a space to grow into as an artist instead of just being a banner over top of what I’m already doing. It’s opened a new chapter for me as a jeweler that I don’t think I could have imagined if we hadn’t worked together.”


spotlight on J'Adorn Designs' colorful new brand - new brand identity // illiah manger of c&v creative
Top left: The sketch of the engagement ring Alison designed; Top Right: The primary logo that should be used at every opportunity; Bottom left: Alternate icon and hashtag design; Bottom right: product mock ups to illustrate how different brand elements such as patterns, logos and icons can be used to create an instantly recognizable brand

J'Adorn Designs MoodboardIlliah Manger PortfolioJ’Adorn Designs’ mood board is inspired by femininity and strength contrasted with the clarity of ocean blues. Ali has beautiful brand photography, and it was super easy to define a vision with them.

spotlight on J'Adorn Designs' colorful new brand - business cards // illiah manger of c&v creative

J’Adorn Designs’ new Modern + Bold business cards enhanced with metallic foil and spot gloss facet outlines.

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