J’Adorn Designs

My new brand has opened a new chapter for me that I don't think I could have imagined if I hadn’t worked with C&V!

When we started working together, I just thought I needed a new logo. But I've come out on the other side of my rebrand collaboration with Illiah of C&V with a clearer vision of where J’Adorn Designs is headed and where I want to take it. Plus, it’s given me the confidence to take the steps to get there!

The visual brand Illiah created for me is so strong and polished, like what I want my work to be. It's given me a space to grow into as an artist instead of just being a banner over top of what I'm already doing.

Alison Jeffries, Owner & Designer, J’Adorn Designs


J'Adorn Designs is located in Baltimore, MD, where Custom Jeweler/Owner Alison Jefferies calls home. They specialize in customized jewelry and modern bridal accessories, from individualized couture to bespoke creations and proudly ship worldwide! Whatever the occasion, their mission is to help you find or build the perfect piece to #JADORNYOURLOVE!

Each piece in the shop is made to order, so customizations are both available and welcomed.

Jewelry for life's biggest moments,
and the little ones in between. 
J'Adorn Designs pattern and logo, designed by C&V
J'Adorn Designs website banner designed by C&V
Icon design for J'Adorn Designs by C&V
J'Adorn Designs Branding // C&V Creative
J'Adorn Designs business card design by C&V
J'Adorn Designs' style guide on an iPad. Designed by C&V