Are you looking for a way to keep creativity at the core of your every day?  Do you feel like you truly own your business? Are you cultivating your expertise so that you can design days you love

You have a true passion for creating and value meaningful relationships. You love growing your skills and mastering new ones, what designer with ambition and vision doesn’t?! 

You appreciate community, not just in-person, but online too, and you embrace independence while enjoying your accomplishments on their own. Your free time is priceless, and you work super hard to live well.

The transformations you create and the impact for yourself and your clients motivate you, but it’s not enough. You crave connection with those who get it – who share your craft and your challenges.

It can be SO hard to find the time to work on the skills and the craft you need to understand your vision of your life as a creative CEO. It’s a real struggle to place true value on the service(s) you provide. Figuring out what to focus on is exhausting.

This is what Cultivate Design Guild (we affectionately shorten it to CDG because, what a mouthful!) offers you…  a Mastermind Community that opens up conversations to keep the support going as you work on your design business.

Your designer mastermind members support you as you fall even more in love with your craft and own your role as a designer and a business owner.

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