Review what’s working for you and refine! Keep an eye on any changes in your voice, your favorite clients, and your offerings. These will be your key indicators for when an update is needed.

This is just what we’ve done with @poppyandstella. First, we reviewed what wasn’t working in the brand (thin fonts and a too-fancy ampersand) and refined it to match the tone and voice of the brand. We kept their signature Blues and assigned @Pantone colors to secondary colors that add contrast and warmth. This creates a starting place to keep consistency in colors from print to digital platforms to branded merch.

The Poppy & Stella brand is all about meeting you where you’re at and empowering you to feel amazing just as you are. There’s a strong, confident femininity, and bold, confident typography is essential. It also allows the beautiful hand-drawn florals to take the spotlight!

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