I’ve traveled to three cities in three months: Miami, New York and San Jose. Each trip brought its own purpose and a refreshed vision of life. Miami reintroduced me to fun with and without my muses. New York showed me my inherent strength and the electric current of Creativity jolted me back to living intentionally. San Jose reconnected me with my friend, mentor, life + biz coach, Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co, as she hosted a Reunion Retreat for past and existing clients.

In-person events have always been my number one driver in business. Meeting new people, traveling new places and learning new business tactics and skills add new layers to creative entrepreneurship. I’ve attended most of Reina’s in-person events, and in spite of my intensely introverted ways, I always feel a unique sense of belonging when meeting these creatives for the first time. I always learn new business skills and build on my confidence as an entrepreneur + creative. There’s always time to implement, so we’re not left high and dry as we reluctantly return to our home offices. I always make heart-felt deep friendships, because Reina’s clients are smart, creative, warm, empathetic, talented women offering genuine connection. I know that when they say, “keep in touch!!”, we will – and we’ll become one another’s greatest cheerleaders, too.

The Reunion Retreat was  AMAZING and MAGICAL. We masterminded and mapped out our individual offers along with client experience. Reina and Emily taught a goal setting workshop, and we outlined an action plan for the rest of Q4. We helped one another using each of our areas of expertise. Yasmine (Yasmine like Jasmine) helped me outline strategy to work with more of the creative women I love designing for. I designed business cards for Emily for an event she will attend next month. Katie helped more than a few of us update our websites.  Mariah shared her knowledge of Pinterest with ease and passion. Elise advised on wedding logistics. Lauren’s calligraphy is astounding and she has an innate gift of seeing people. Kamice photographed everyone with such care and individual attention (all the photos here are hers. If you live in San Diego, hire her for brand photography!!). We laughed and cried, learned and shared, inspired one another and rested.

We were reminded over and over again what amazing, powerful, capable, talented business women we are. Our closing exercise was a round table confessional about each individual as if they weren’t listening in the same room. Happy tears flowed and I felt so incredibly overwhelmed – and empowered – to be seen this way. The world needs more women like you, Reina, Emily, Yasmine, Katie, Mariah, Elise. Lauren and Kamice.

…And we got to tour Google.

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