We’re stepping into a new era marked by power, growth, and breakthroughs, and C&V’s font refresh is a testament to this exciting transformation. Brand evolution isn’t just a concept we preach; we live and breathe it. That’s why we regularly refresh our brand elements, including our font library, to ensure we’re always delivering the best to our clients.

Here’s why we’ve embraced these font changes:

1. IvyMode: A Legible and Artistic Upgrade Ambroise, our previous typeface, posed some challenges due to its very thin and thick strokes, making it less readable, especially in smaller sizes. Enter IvyMode – our new typeface that strikes the perfect balance. It remains legible even at smaller sizes while retaining captivating, artistic forms. What makes it even more special is how the letter shapes echo those found in our logo. It’s a harmonious match that’s not only beautiful but also incredibly enjoyable!

2. Laca: The Trusty Backup We’ve been using Public Sans, a Google font, as a practical choice to avoid confusion with lowercase ‘L’s in our name. However, with the introduction of IvyMode, the shape doesn’t complements our brand seamlessly. That’s where Laca steps in. Laca exudes warmth, joy, and a hint of playfulness that perfectly aligns with our brand’s essence.

We’re thrilled about this font pairing, and we’re eagerly gearing up to give everything a fresh update. Our fonts aren’t just letters on a screen; they’re an integral part of our brand’s personality, and this update is a reflection of our commitment to delivering the best to our clients.

Join us in this exciting chapter of growth and transformation as we continue to evolve, refine, and innovate, making our brand shine brighter than ever. Stay tuned for more updates (take a look at our Instagram!), because at C&V Creative, we’re always striving for excellence!

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