Bloom Hustle Grow

Hi, I'm Mariah of Bloom, Hustle, Grow, and I recently finished a rebrand with C&V. Going into a rebrand, I was super, super nervous. I was really worried about the investment, and my biggest fear was ending up with something that didn't feel like my brand that I would hate... Something that didn't feel like me.

One of Illiah’s strengths is to interpret what you're saying into a visual brand, as well as your branding message. When I shared the rebrand with my audience, one of the biggest compliments I got repeatedly was, "oh my god, it's so you!"

I love it. I'm thrilled with it. 

I wasn't expecting how they helped me re-articulate who I serve and what I stand for. Illiah and Rachel delivered a great branding message for me in such a polished form. I use the messaging across my brand to make everything click and go together.

So if you're on the fence about working with Illiah or about getting a rebrand – it is kind of scary – Illiah is a great designer to go with, because she doesn't railroad you. She really listens to what you want, and then she takes that information to make it a visual that's like, wow, how did you do that?

So hire her, and you'll be as happy as I am.