C&V is entering a new era of power, growth, breakthrough. Our new fonts show it. We take brand evolution seriously (obv), and we refresh our brand regularly, too. Our font library is new!

Here’s why:
I’ve always found the very thin and very thick strokes of Ambroise a challenge to design with. It can be hard to read, except for very large sizes. Our new typeface, IvyMode, is legible even at small sizes and still has interesting forms. Even better, these letters mirror the shapes within my logo. It’s beautiful and so fun!

Public Sans, the Google font I’ve used because the lowercase L’s curve so that my name isn’t read as three lowercase L’s, will be my backup font when Laca isn’t available. With the IvyMode update, the shape of Public Sans doesn’t work any more. Laca is warm, joyful and a tiny bit playful.

I love this font pairing and I can’t wait to give everything an update!

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