Review what’s working for you and refine! Keep an eye on any changes in your voice, your favorite clients, and your offerings. These will be your key indicators for when an update is needed.

This is just what we’ve done with @poppyandstella. First, we reviewed what wasn’t working in the brand (thin fonts and a too-fancy ampersand) and refined it to match the tone and voice of the brand. We kept their signature Blues and assigned @Pantone colors to secondary colors that add contrast and warmth.

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And let your brand evolve with you and your business.

Joey Vitale of Indie Law wears a hoodie featuring the updated Indie Law logo

Joey Vitale, of Indie Law and Skybreaker, is an excellent example of a smart entrepreneur who’s focused on refreshing and refining his brands, including the voice and the visuals, as business grows. A rebrand isn’t necessary, but refreshes are.

Referred by a mutual friend, he asked to refine both brands to bring unity and differentiation to each (register for a no-strings trademark giveaway on March 22!).

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I’ve traveled to three cities in three months: Miami, New York and San Jose. Each trip brought its own purpose and a refreshed vision of life. Miami reintroduced me to fun with and without my muses. New York showed me my inherent strength and the electric current of Creativity jolted me back to living intentionally. San Jose reconnected me with my friend, mentor, life + biz coach, Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co,

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Hiiiiiii! Welcome to my new home on the web, C&V Creative.

It feels SO good to say that!! Last year, it became clear as I worked on beautifying your brands with strategy and intention that my own brand and visual identity needed further development, too.

With a new logo and newfound clarity on the uniqueness I bring to rebranding, brand strategy and design, I asked Katie Williamsen to collaborate on my new website.

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